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NB. Definitive print interview below with Denise O'Hagan for The Blue Nib, December 2020.


1. 'Earshot' Radio National, 'This Intimate War'.
 2. Robyn Rowland's personal muse. ABC National Book Show with Ramona Koval, Tuesday 18 November 2008 10:05AM
'Truth and fact are tenets of biography, but what about in memoir poetry? Can you tell a lie to tell the truth using the lyrical crafts to get to the heart of the matter? Poet Robyn Rowland calls herself an historian of private life and says her personal poetry allows her to connect with readers on a deep level.'
An essay she's written on the topic is in the latest Meanjin Quarterly – it's called 'Life in the raw with the personal muse'.
3. PoeticA Radio National ABC, Saturday 29 September 2007 3:00PM (originally aired 18/5/2005)
'This program features a selection of poems taken from Robyn Rowland's collection Shadows at the Gate, published by Five Islands Press in 2004, as well as some of her earlier works.
Rowland has written four books of poetry and three academic books. She is widely published in Australia and overseas, including Ireland, Canada, the USA, Japan and New Zealand. Third generation Irish Australian, Robyn has read widely in Ireland and has spent much time living there over the last twenty years.
She left academic life in 1996. Before that, as Professor Rowland she was Foundation Head of the School of Social Inquiry and Founding Director of the Australian Women's Research Centre at Deakin University.
Robyn was internationally known for her critique of reproductive technology and genetic engineering, and published extensively in this field. In 1996 Robyn Rowland was made an Officer in the Order of Australia by the Australian Government for her contribution to higher education and women's health.' Krystyna Kubiak. Readers Susie Fraser and Robyn Rowland

Video Interviews and Readings:

  1. Arkabahçe, The Turkish language programme on Channel 31 in Melbourne, was involved in This Intimate War book launch through Erdin Gunce, who also read the poetry in Turkish. Here is a segment and truly kind interview with Mehmet Küçüksakallı, Consul General at Turkish Consulate in Melbourne. As well, there is a fine interview with Lyn Hatherly from the Australian publisher Five Islands Press . The segment is about 6 minutes. Bruce Atkinson's, Presdient of the Legislative Assembly then made a very apt speech. In English with some Turkish.
  2. 'Children of Gallipoli' at the Ó Bhéal Winter Warmer festival of poetry, Cork, Nov 16th 2013.

Print Interviews:

NB. Definitive interview below with Denise O'Hagan for The Blue Nib, December 2020.

  2. Charlie McBride, Galway Advertiser, June, 2015. Galway Advertiser, Charlie McBride - 'When I was growing up you'd have thought the Australians had won at Gallipoli'
  3. Blog by Julie Maclean on Robyn's two books in 2015. julie maclean blog on 2015 work
  4. 'Inspirited Landscapes, 2004, Previously Broadcast on ABC Radio National, 'The Spirit of Things', with Rachael Kohn. Concerning the meaning of landscapes. 'For poets Barry Hill and Robyn Rowland particular landscapes have remained haunted by the experience of love'.