YouTube Clips

1.Dr. Robyn Rowland & Dr. Mehmet Ali Çelikel Poetry Reading from  'This Intimate War' at BAKEA conference, October 2015. thanks to Ali Öztürk for the filming. To the right there was a powerpoint presentation of the poems with images, unseen here.

2. Bozcaada Island reading October 2015 kindly filmed for a short while by a member of the audience, Ali Erdinç.
Thank you so much to the Australian Consul in Canakkale, Nicholas Sergi, for organising and sponsoring this event, and to Barış Kaya from the Consulate for his wonderful reading of the Turkish, at our bi-lingual poetry reading from my book, 'This Intimate War. Gallipoli/Canakkale 1915', translations by Mehmet Ali Çelikel on Saturday at the friendly Cafe Zubeyde Hanim 'Ada' Bahcesi on Bozcaada Island. We brought the poems back home! A crowd of over 80 mainly locals turned up to sit in attentive silence for an hour. Such respect. Thank you so much. And thanks to Yaman Kuleli and his brother Yamanc whose cafe it is, for their wonderful hospitality, kindness, sound assistance and Great turkish coffee!
Şair Prof. Dr. Robyn Rowland/ sunum: Bozcaada

3.  'The Long Walk', a poem about the Famine in Ireland, read and written by Dr. Robyn Rowland of Australia with Lynn Saoirse on Irish harp playing her composition 'Midnight Draws Near'. Can also be found on their 2010 collaborative CD of poetry and harp, 'Silver Leaving' (Published on May 23, 2014)