Reviews of Line of Drift

Line of Drift

1. The Australian Weekend Book Review: Feb 14-16, 2016. Geoff Page: Dualities. 'Rowland is now an Irish poet as much as she is an Australian one’. Review here:'Bereavement, duality and ironies of fate' Feb 13-14 2016 colour  or see News section here.
2. San Diego Book Review, 'Line of Drift', Hubert O'Hearn, August 15, 2015         San Diego Book Review, 'Line of Drift'
3. Plumwood Mountain. Australian Journal of Ecopoetry and Ecopoetics, vol3, number 2 2016 September Phillip Hall or here at phillip-hall-reviews-unexpected-clearing-by-rose-lucas-and-line-of-drift-by-robyn-rowland-plumwood-mountain
4. Transnational Literature Vol. 8 no. 2, May 2016., Catherine Akca here at Transnational Literature, Review Line of Drift Akca or
5. The Galway Advertiser, Book Reviews, Kevin Higgins, October 1st, 2015,  Galway - Book Reviews: Robyn Rowland and Elaine Gaston
 Cover Comments 
"'Line of Drift' is a high water mark in Robyn Rowland’s writing and for poetry in general. Her dual identity lends Line of Drift a unique perspective in modern poetry; she combines the best of Irish and Australian sensibilities. The lush passion of this book’s language is balanced by a wry, at times almost laconic view of the world. Every experience, from the grand to the mundane, from the personal to the political, is taut with vividness and energy. These poems are generous and genuinely moving, whether they depict the people or the places that she travels restlessly among and between.'"John Foulcher (Australia)
 "Line of Drift celebrates the ‘here and there’ of a half-globe bi location, as ‘kestrels, wrens, robins’ line out against ‘rainbow lorikeets, crimson rosellas, honeyeaters’. Rowland is more than equal to the challenges of our own landscape and place history, as evidenced in the long poem ‘Unbroken Stone in a Stubborn Sea’; here Rowland is a latter day Synge who listens, not through the floorboard cracks, but across the hearth." - Iggy McGovern (Ireland)