Reviews of ‘Seasons of Doubt & Burning. New & Selected Poems’

Robyn Rowland cover only
  1. Cover Comments, Lorna Crozier, Robert Adamson – see below
  2. Jay Daniel Thompson, Seasons of Doubt and Burning TEXT Vol 15 No 1, 2011, Seasons of Doubt and Burning TEXT Vol 15 No 1
  3. Maria Takolander, 'Hope in Flight', Australian Book Review, February 2011, please click here.
  4. Alex Skovron's review launch speech of Seasons of Doubt & Burning. Please click here.
  5. Geoff Page, review, 'Emotion Ablaze with intensity', Canberra Times, 2011, Geoff Page, Canberra Times, Dec 11, 2010



Cover comments:

"Robyn Rowland draws her images from deep old places and from the room you are in right now, curtains unable to stop the radiance from spilling in. Her poems are richly wrought, sensuous, full of passion and restraint. They're luminous and earthy at the same time and open the reader's ear to hear the silence of the lost. In these difficult times, she's the poet I'm looking for: 'an angel she could be, or hope in flight'." - Lorna Crozier, Canada.

"In this passionate volume., Robyn Rowland’s sensuous imagery is crafted by a fine intellect; the music of her lines vibrates in the memory. Poems from earlier books gather momentum leading to a generous selection of brilliant new work. These lyrical poems are crafted in various forms and trace a journey where love is cherished along the way to possible celebration. The intensity of feeling evoked in the profound love poems makes reading this book a joy." - Robert Adamson, Australia.

"Where does she live now but inside language?" - Grace O’Grady, National University of Ireland, Maynooth.