Reviews of Under this Saffron Sun/Safran Güneşin Altında

Under this Saffron Sun /Safran Güneşin Altında. Knocknarone Press, 2019; bi-lingual, Turkish translations Mehmet Ali Çelikel

1. 'Passion and Elegance', John Foulcher reviews both latest books, Rochford Street Review. '‘Mosaics-from-the-Map’-‘Under-this-Saffron-Sun-_-Safran-Gunesin-Alinda’-–-Rochford-Street-Review-August-2020-.pdf

2. Phillip Hall review, Plumwood Mountain Journal, August 2020.–-Plumwood-Mountain.pdf

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4. Geoff Page, Canberrra Times, April 2020.

5. Kevin Higgins. Galway Advertiser. Lusting after the tastes and aromas of Istanbul.

6. Susan Millar DuMars, Launch Speech published in Communion Arts Journal,13, June 2020.