Reviews of Fiery Waters

Fiery Waters"A generous and passionate book...the sensualist shines through: shrewd, empathic, intimate. Rowland celebrates the immediacy of experience, the poignancy of happiness. The poems are arranged almost seasonably and the natural world is an implacable metronome... the poems leave a sensation of warmth long after reading them." - Jennifer Harrison, Five Bells.

"Rowland is a fluent, eloquent poet ... the sensually explicit lines skillfully manage their metaphor.. Her passionate political poems will give heart to many readers. There is ardour and brave candour in this celebratory stance." - Barry Hill, Poetry Editor, The Weekend Australian.

"Both sensual and sensuous, it is concerned with the real world. Poems have a great personal intensity. She deals tellingly with a range of injustices around the world, always bringing out their human dimensions rather than simply wringing her hands. With no obvious stylistic or literary or political allegiance.. a talented woman writing directly and courageously out of her own experiences." - Geoff Page, Australian Book Review.