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This Intimate War: Gallipoli/Çanakkale 1915 (2015) and Line of Drift (2015)
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  • Mosaics from the Map ( 2018)

    In these poems, history is lived in the intimate. Personal stories explore war, change, family and friendship – in Ireland, Turkey, the Balkans and Australia.They touch on Cork, the city from which the poet’s family emigrated to Australia and where an Armenian created Hadji Bey’s Turkish Delight; Sarajevo, flowering now…

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  • This Intimate War Gallipoli/Çanakkale 1915 – İçli Dışlı Bir Savaş: Gelibolu/Çanakkale 1915 (2018)

    This Intimate War Gallipoli/Çanakkale 1915 is republished in 2018 by Spinifex Press Australia ‘Very few collections bring home so powerfully the vulnerability of individuals in the face of history’ writes Lisa Gorton of Robyn Rowland’s powerful poems recording the experiences of soldiers, nurses and doctors, women munitions workers, wives, mothers,…

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  • Line of Drift (2015)

    Line of Drift (Doire Press, 2015) This book has a grant from the Irish Arts Council. Robyn Rowland continues to paint her narrative-lyric poems, immersed in and emerging from, the physical and historical landscapes of West Ireland counterbalanced with those of Australia. Line of Drift (2015) 1 copy $20.00 AUD2…

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  • Silence & Its Tongues (2006)

    (Five Islands Press, 2006) Fired by a yearning for communication, the poems in Silence and its tongues grow from experiences of loneliness,absent love, the silent world of depression and the complex issues after a mother’s death, into the peace of silent meditation and the strength of friendship. They comfort in…

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  • Seasons of Doubt & Burning: New and Selected Poems (2010)

    These poems from almost forty years of publication show growth, from open simplicity to a rich, resonant maturity. Their hallmark is deep honesty and emotional accessibility. To read reviews of this book, please click here.

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  • Perverse Serenity

    (Heinemann, 1990; Spinifex Press, Melbourne, 1992) This is a book-length narrative sequence on the love affair between the poet and a monk in an Irish monastery. It represents an unfinished love, a yearning that might also be interpreted as that sense of longing the exile feels for a homeland, one…

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  • Shadows at the Gate (2004)

    'Poems move between Ireland and Victoria, between the twin towers and the love of a priest, between selkies and grandfathers with great assurance and insight. There is something European or perhaps Irish in her poetic consciousness: she handles passion and laughter, politics and loss with equal confidence. Her work is…

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  • Fiery Waters

    Robyn's third book has six sections: ‘Life in the flesh’, ‘Tangled there’, ‘Time-travelling’, 'Bevelled edges’, ‘Peopled place’, ‘The Great Way is not difficult.. ’ (Five Islands Press, 2001) Themes are political, love with a younger man, traveling, spiritual awakening, and breast cancer. Publisher Ron Pretty wrote: ‘ Rowland’s skill as…

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  • Off The Tongue

    On this lovely gift CD which opens like a Christmas card and has the painting Asparus by Irish artist Lynda Burke as its cover, Robyn reads 17 poems from Shadows at the Gate and Silence & its tongues. Recorded by the wonderful singer/songwriter Rose Bygrave, it carries some music written…

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